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Homemade Raspberry Jam

One Sunday afternoon in the autumn a couple of years ago I decided I wanted to have a go at making some homemade jam, and I found this recipe which was so simple and easy that I want to share it. I still use the recipe now to stock up in autumn for the year ahead!   You only need 3 ingredients! And it’s truly delicious, best served on scones with clotted cream!   Ingredients: 1 kg of Raspberries 1 kg of Jam Sugar (you can buy this from Hobbycraft or Amazon, you can’t substitute this for normal sugar...

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 This is a Danish concept pronounced “hue-guh” which I have interpreted as a feeling of cosiness, contentment, warmth, love, belonging and to enjoy being in that moment. This concept is something I have only recently found out about, and have quickly learned to love and use as inspiration to adapt and redecorate my home over time. Hygge has changed my feelings about winter and I actually look forward to the cold weather just as much as I look forward to summer because of this concept! However, it should be noted that hygge is not just limited to winter months.  Hygge is a feeling, not a tangible object. It encompasses all the senses. You can’t buy hygge or follow a set of instructions to make it, as everyone interprets it in a different way, so everyone’s approach will be different. You have to find your own way, but hopefully some of my ideas below will give you some inspiration and set you on the right path if you want to try it out.  The main changes I have personally made that make me feel hygge-ly include:  Draping blankets and throws over my sofa; Buying some soft cushions; Lighting softly scented candles, using lanterns and twinkly lights; Treating myself occasionally to fresh flowers and pot plants; Spending some time reading an uplifting book; Adopting a minimalist approach by tidying away clutter...

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Mindfulness in a Nutshell

You may have heard about mindfulness, or you may have given it a go yourself already. It seems to be a popular up-and-coming technique used more frequently recently to help people gain a bit of perspective if they are feeling stressed or anxious. In a nutshell it means taking a time out as part of your daily routine to relax the mind and body by just “being present in the moment”. It’s a kind of meditation and it means that you sit or lay somewhere you’re unlikely to be disturbed for a few minutes to concentrate on each part of your body, how you are feeling, listen to the quietness around you, focus on your breathing, and clear your mind. Mindfulness encourages you to allow thoughts to simply pass through your head rather than dwelling on anything, and encourages you to slow down your thinking and effectively reboot your mind, so that when you finish, you should be significantly more relaxed than when you started. To be honest, being a stressy and anxious person myself, I thought this sounded like a load of tosh that I didn’t have time for. However, after being encouraged by my friend to give it a go, I actually found it a very useful technique during times of moderate stress, and has in fact helped me to sleep better and gain a bit of...

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Reiki Experience

Reiki is an alternative therapy whereby a therapist hovers their hands over your chakras to encourage them to spin more effectively and become realigned. The therapist uses some sort of energy to move them into a better position and if they are not aligned, you start to feel run down, stressed or anxious. Chakras are like balls of “energy” and you have chakras all the way down the middle of your body from the top of your head down into your abdomen and they’re connected to different parts of your body. The benefits of Reiki include: Promotion of deep relaxation and general wellbeing; Soothing of tight muscles; Headache relief; Regulation of blood pressure; Improves concentration and mental clarity; Assistance in recovery from operations and medical treatments; Provision of a coping mechanism for stressed and anxious people; When I arrived for my treatment the room was set out very nicely, with nice lighting and relaxing music. Before the treatment started the therapist asked me various questions about my lifestyle, my stressors and suggested ways of coping with these stresses, I.e. Visionary techniques like imagining a hand scooping the stress out of you and blowing them away from the hand like dandelion seeds. For my treatment I was asked to lie on a heated couch under a blanket, and the lady asked me to wear an eye mask to promote relaxation....

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Indulge Wash Nourishing Shampoo and Indulge Care Conditioner

Product Name Umberto Giannini Indulge Wash Nourishing Shampoo and Indulge Care Conditioner Reviewer Name Kimmeh Date Reviewed 31st January 2017 Shop Purchased From Boots RRP / Purchase Price £7 each RRP       Ratings: Quality of Product 5/5 Quality of Packaging 4/5 Price 3/5 Overall rating 4/5       Link  to products      Luxury or Budget Luxury £££       Feedback                 Pros Luxurious shampoo and conditioner for daily use that smells lovely; Makes your hair noticeably more soft and smooth and much...

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