Reiki is an alternative therapy whereby a therapist hovers their hands over your chakras to encourage them to spin more effectively and become realigned. The therapist uses some sort of energy to move them into a better position and if they are not aligned, you start to feel run down, stressed or anxious. Chakras are like balls of “energy” and you have chakras all the way down the middle of your body from the top of your head down into your abdomen and they’re connected to different parts of your body.

The benefits of Reiki include:

  • Promotion of deep relaxation and general wellbeing;
  • Soothing of tight muscles;
  • Headache relief;
  • Regulation of blood pressure;
  • Improves concentration and mental clarity;
  • Assistance in recovery from operations and medical treatments;
  • Provision of a coping mechanism for stressed and anxious people;

When I arrived for my treatment the room was set out very nicely, with nice lighting and relaxing music. Before the treatment started the therapist asked me various questions about my lifestyle, my stressors and suggested ways of coping with these stresses, I.e. Visionary techniques like imagining a hand scooping the stress out of you and blowing them away from the hand like dandelion seeds.

For my treatment I was asked to lie on a heated couch under a blanket, and the lady asked me to wear an eye mask to promote relaxation. She placed crystals on my chakras and in my hands, and after that, to be honest, I have no idea what happened. The relaxing music continued to play, she must have lit an incense stick as the lovely smell grew stronger, but she could have been reading heat magazine for all I knew. However it was relaxing and great if you fancied a £35 nap.

I was dosing in and out during the treatment and at one point I felt like my head was being pulled to the right, although I wasn’t being touched, and my spine cracked twice, but not sure if it was just my body relaxing and me dreaming, or if something was actually occurring Reiki style.

After the treatment the lady told me she found it easy to connect with me spiritually and that she had some communication come through from my great grandmother (never met her); she was trying to say to me that I would be ok and everything I was worrying about would be resolved soon. She also talked about a couple of other things that came into her head during the treatment (did I ever drive down a pothole and damage my wheel – but then again who hasn’t) and that was about it.

That night I slept really well.

The day after unfortunately I happened to find the same company doing the treatment on Groupon, £49 for 3 sessions so let that be a lesson to you all – Google your therapist before booking as you could be missing out on a bargain!

I want to keep an open mind about Reiki, although I realise I sound quite sceptical. Maybe it’s because I’m just a beginner and it takes a while to get the hang of it, so I might give it another go. We will see. If anything it’s nice just to take a bit of “me time” and escape from every day stresses, even if it is just to have a little kip on a warm couch. I would say to anyone who is mildly interested that they should give it a go, because, why not! I’m a firm believer that everyone should try these sorts of things at least once in their lifetime. Something else you can tick off the bucket list!

I will keep you updated if I go again!