This is a Danish concept pronounced “hue-guh” which I have interpreted as a feeling of cosiness, contentment, warmth, love, belonging and to enjoy being in that moment. This concept is something I have only recently found out about, and have quickly learned to love and use as inspiration to adapt and redecorate my home over time. Hygge has changed my feelings about winter and I actually look forward to the cold weather just as much as I look forward to summer because of this concept! However, it should be noted that hygge is not just limited to winter months.

 Hygge is a feeling, not a tangible object. It encompasses all the senses. You can’t buy hygge or follow a set of instructions to make it, as everyone interprets it in a different way, so everyone’s approach will be different. You have to find your own way, but hopefully some of my ideas below will give you some inspiration and set you on the right path if you want to try it out.

 The main changes I have personally made that make me feel hygge-ly include:

  •  Draping blankets and throws over my sofa;
  • Buying some soft cushions;
  • Lighting softly scented candles, using lanterns and twinkly lights;
  • Treating myself occasionally to fresh flowers and pot plants;
  • Spending some time reading an uplifting book;
  • Adopting a minimalist approach by tidying away clutter or gathering up and donating any unused items to charity;
  • Hand-crafting or painting;
  • Putting my hair up in a messy bun and my PJs and slippers on as soon as I get in;
  • Booking in for a spa day every now and then as a lovely treat;

Other ways you could up the hygge-factor include:

  • Making mugs of tea or hot chocolate with marshmallows;
  • Baking bread and cakes and making wholesome home-cooked meals and soups to share with family and friends;
  • Run a bubble bath for yourself or a loved one;
  • Get your mates over in their PJs or casual clothes to enjoy the evening relaxing and laughing together;
  • If you are fortunate enough to have a fireplace or wood burner, then using one of these is one of my favourite kinds of hygge-ness (life goals!);

My two dogs are particular fans of this concept and are always the first ones to snuggle together on the sofa on a cold winter evening. My husband also loves this but in his own words describes it as “making a nest” where we all cuddle up on the sofa together in blankets and cushions.

For further reading on Hygge, here is a blog link I have found useful and inspiring in the past:

If you fancy a spot of shopping, I use the following to bring a touch of hygge-lyness into my life:

 Yankee Candle in Black Cherry

Smells fruity and lush

Choc o lait hot chocolate stirring stick

Comforting and delicious

Happy by Fearne Cotton

A wonderfully inspiring, uplifting and easy to read book